Personalized Service from UTI Medical

Daily catheter use can be a recipe for UTI’s and other difficulties. At UTI Medical, our goal is work with you to select the right products for your individual needs so you can achieve a better quality of life long term.

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Catheters are not a one-size-fits-all product, and catheter quality and design are critical to long term health. That’s why we get personally involved and take an individualized approach with each of our clients – to ensure you get the exact right products uniquely suited to your needs. We also ensure you have the cathing supplies that are critical for eliminating the opportunity for infection.

Guidance for Selecting the Right Catheter

Our Registered Nurses will meet with you in your home to help you select the right catheter products for your needs. Long term use of the wrong catheter may result in damage to the urethra and cause chronic health problems. We can help you avoid common issues such as:

  • Cuts, bleeding, trauma, and infections caused by sharp edges
  • Incomplete drainage resulting from too-small eyelets
  • Trauma caused by rough eyelets that can lead to infection

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Professional, Personal Service

Our professional staff is there for you. We provide a personal experience focusing on patient satisfaction and timely, accurate and discreet deliveries, and our Registered Nurses are always available to answer questions, discuss concerns and resolve problems.

We also complete all necessary paperwork and obtain the prescription from your doctor. We ship your supplies right to your door. We will follow up after the first shipment to make sure you are satisfied. If there is ever a change in your order, one simple phone call is all it takes. Key benefits to you:

  • You may request an in home visit where we will answer questions.
  • We complete all insurance forms.
  • We will obtain a prescription from your physician.

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Ongoing Education for Constantly Improved Urological Care

We continue our own education by attending seminars around the country and researching new products.

How to Order

Contact UTI Medical today to learn more or order. We look forward to working with you to improve your cathing experience and quality of life.